Our Story

Created in Los Angeles by Carson Ines Olivares, Inesitta is a reflection of a spiritual journey through her ancestral roots. The collection is intended to celebrate the beauty of life as viewed through her own personal journey of self discovery and expression. Carson grew up in San Diego, California and spent the beginning years of her career working as an editor and content creator in the fashion industry.

Inspired by art and modern interpretations of age old motifs, Inesitta is designed for those who live impassioned and for the fiercely independent who see beauty all around. We're founded on the mission that life is meant to be enjoyed, celebrated and adorned. Our pieces are intended to be soulful heirlooms designed to last for years to come.

Our jewelry is made locally in Los Angeles using recycled and eco-friendly materials. We create pieces for women in the hopes of bringing joy, connection and to create a more beautiful world along the way. We believe that art has the power to promote change and shed light on both the beauty and the injustices of the world we live in. Because of that, we're founded on a two-part philosophy to take care of the people and the planet.