Jewelry Care

Body oils, natural chemicals found in household and personal care products, oxidation, and even minerals in our tap water naturally contribute to the wear and tarnishing of jewelry over time. To make your jewelry last and preserve its finish, we recommend taking off your jewelry while exercising, showering and swimming and storing your jewelry in a cool, dry and airtight place. To properly clean your jewelry, follow our tips below by metal.
Mix a mild, detergent-free soap with warm water. Gently clean with a soft, baby toothbrush and finish with a soft polishing cloth.
Clean tarnished silver with a jewelry polishing cloth.
Our brass pieces are all plated, so we recommend cleaning just as you would silver or gold. Plating naturally wears over time, so we recommend replating your jewelry if your finish has been compromised.
In an effort to minimize mass consumption and create quality, heirloom pieces to keep for years to come, we offer replating for any Inesitta product purchased directly through our website for a lifetime. To learn more about replating, please head here.