The Philosophy

We believe that art has the power to promote change. Inesitta is founded on a two-part philosophy:

The Planet
It's our responsibility to take care of the planet we live on. To help lessen our footprint, all of our pieces are eco-friendly and made with recycled metals. We use no nickel, lead or cadmium—ever. In an effort to create less waste and reduce mass consumption, we offer replating for a lifetime for any of your Inesitta pieces and produce collections in small quantities.

The People
We're founded on the guiding principle that it's important to acknowledge the current inequalities in our society today. For that, 10% of all proceeds of Inesitta are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. The ACLU works to defend and preserve the individual rights and liberties guaranteed to all people, including the most marginalized. We hope that when you wear your Inesitta you will feel a sense of empowerment and your purchase will go towards helping another feel the same.